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What Is It?

“Kerasal Nail” is a very popular fungal nail renewal treatment. You can find it all over the internet from the mighty Amazon right down to the smallest local traders. But is it any good?

What Causes Fungal Nail Infections?

My personal Kerasal Nail review is posted below along with some reviews from others who have used this product. But first a quick run down on what causes this embarrassing condition.

Commonly, a fungal nail infection is caused either by a fungal skin infection or when the nail or skin is damaged. Athlete’s foot is a very common fungal skin infection and is the number one cause of fungal toe infections. In fact, approximately 30% of those who suffer with athlete’s foot will also develop a fungal infection in one or more toe nails.

The fungi which infect your feet love humid conditions. So the warm, damp, trainer enclosed foot is a prime candidate for developing this type of infection. A simple way to combat the problem is to ensure you air out your feet regularly and keep them clean.

Kerasal Nail Reviewskerasal nail reviews

Firstly I am posting my own review and then below you will find some more reviews from users of this popular product …

It Worked To Some Degree … But Didn’t Eradicate My Problem

I started experiencing a toe fungus problem about 4 months into a new job where I was required to wear those ungainly ‘rigger boots’. It wasn’t long before 3 of my toe nails started turning yellow and I noticed this horrible gunk under the nails! Truly disgusting.

I asked my doctor for advice and he informed me that I had quite a bad infection. He prescribed me some pretty strong medicine which just made me feel a bit odd. Apparently my liver wasn’t liking it too much so I had to stop taking that stuff!

I decided to do my own research and I tried a couple of over the counter options but to no avail. Then I decided to try Kerasal Nail after reading quite a few positive reviews online.

It did reduce the symptoms somewhat and I experienced quite a lot less pain during my working day. It seems to work by actually dissolving the problem areas of the nail and you then have to wait for the new, healthy nail to grow back.

It was during this waiting phase that I had problems keeping new fungal growth at bay. So the product did do what it claimed to do but didn’t seem all that effective at stopping new fungal growth. It was probably due to my job where I spend many hours in the same boots. My feet just don’t get a chance to recover.

So my condition improved but I still couldn’t walk around bare foot in my house without making my kids squeamish! Then I found a natural treatment which completely solved my problem. It killed my nail fungus and cleared up the yellowing all inside 3 months. I was overjoyed!

I still follow my foot hygiene routine religiously but since using this all natural remedy, I have not had the problem recur. My working day is not painful any more and my kids don’t run a mile when I take my socks off :-)

Kerasal Nail Reviews From Others ….

NOT a cure for fungus, BUT…
By JCarl
I really wanted this to work as a cure for the mild case of toenail fungus I had. I used it religiously for six months. After six months, the infected area under my toenail actually spread. To be fair, the product does not claim to cure fungus. Read the box… is a “nail renewal treatment”….The reason I did not give it one star is because it does a *very good* job of nail renewal. This is a *cosmetic* product. It will make your nails *look better* quickly. It restores a soft, pink, youthful appearance to the nail. It will make your fungal nail look better, too. It just won’t kill the fungus. I highly recommend this to people who want good looking toenails. it will counteract age related changes like thickening and discoloration. I also recommend it to you if you have a fungus and are willing to live happily with it but just want the nail to look better (although I can’t guarantee the nail won’t fall off anyway). After trying two OTC remedies, I am finally moving on to terbinafine. But I will continue to use this product for “nail renewal”.

Two Stars…
I haven’t seen any major improvement but is working little by little…..

Three Stars…
By William Seftner
I have been using this for a while but I have not been particularly diligent in applying it every day. My personal schedule tends to restrict me in this regard somewhat. When I have managed to stick to a routine I have noticed some improvement but I don’t like the way it seems to dissolve my nails.

Kerasal Nail Reviews: Conclusion:

So in conclusion, as you can see this small selection of reviews are not overly positive however some people do report some improvements. If you read all the reviews on Amazon you will find people who have had success with this product but an equal number of users did not like it so much.

Like I said above, I did experience a marginal improvement using this product but I found another product soon afterwards which was much more effective and completely natural. This product killed my nail fungus without the dissolving action which I found slightly unnerving.
kerasal nail reviews b1

One thought on “My Personal Opinion

  1. I’ve had toe issues for “YEARS”. I have tried all kinds of stuff that never seemed to work at all. My toes had gotten to the point that I was in constant pain. So we picked some up at Walmart for around$19.00. After going through one tube of the Kerasal my toes no longer hurt and I don’t mind taking my shoes and socks off around people anymore. They aren’t completely healed yet as you can imagine but well on the way. As for the people that are saying it doesn’t heal or keep the fungus away I think that is on the person. You can’t keep doing the same things you have been doing and think the fungus won’t come back. Buy new socks and new shoes once your toes are healed and you have a new nail on the way so you don’t reinfect your self. If you have a job that you are in those hot boots all day then take extra socks with you and change on breaks or at lunch and put baby powder or something in the boots to try and absorb the moisture but you will surely have to change out the boots once your toes start to heal so as not to reinfect your toes. I know some are going to say who has the money to buy all the new socks and shoes right? Hey I’m going to make the effort as suffering for years with this stuff was horrible and this Kerasal is the ONLY thing I have found that actually works and works fast. I will continue to use it until I have fresh new nails on my feet and have all my items replaced and new. Hope this review helped. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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